A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hello there player!

Here is the game developer speaking! Welcome to a basic Otome game!

This is just the beginning of a project: Creating a 2D world for you to have your own adventure. The character you are playing as in this world is an university student. You are going to attend a new university  and you are going to encounter different people that you can interact with! I try to make them likable, just for you!

This is just the tutorial, it might have a few weird stuff going on in there but...I try my best to fix all of the issuses! Chapter 1 is on it's way!

In this game, there are 4 flirtable characters. You can choose between the class president, the delinquent, the friendly guy and...noooo, I won't spoil you ;)

I will be in the game to guide you during your adventure and who knows...Maybe we can be friends! 

I am trying my best to put a nice little world together...just for you!

I hope you will enjoy your stay~

(music found on: purple planet.com 

The characters are drawn by me~

The background are placeholder images and will be replaced as soon as possible!)

Please tell me if there are any issues for the Mac build ( I work on windows pc, so...Mac users....I'll be grateful if you could tell me whenever it worked for you or not!)

Install instructions

You will need Winrar or 7Zip to unzip this file. Just download the whole file and open the visualnovel.exe for the windows version file and...enjoy! 

For Mac: Unzip the file: In the folder named: ABasicOtomeGame.app , there is an app you can click on. Enjoy!


visual_novel.zip 23 MB
ABasicOtomeGame.app.zip 25 MB


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